Freeze Baby – s/t (7″)

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  • Artist: Freeze Baby
  • Release Date: 2003
  • Runtime:
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  • Freeze Baby – s/t (7″)

    Format: 7″
    Released: May 2003
    Engineers: Brooce Templeton
    Studio: Analog Electric
    Pressing: 300 clear blue vinyl, 3 test presses

    Notes: The First 50 jackets say Modern Radio Records because of a printing error and the second 50 say Modern Radio Record Label. The last 200 have a black and white cover with a different design. Some copies of this record include a Freeze Baby patch. This is a split release with Spinster Records.

    Side A: Boosh Hole, We The People
    Side B: Punk Rock High School, Tragically Crucial