Mirah – Small Sale (7″)

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  • Artist: Mirah
  • Release Date: 2001
  • Runtime:
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  • Mirah – Small Sale (7″)

    Recorded: 2000/2001
    Engineers: Bobby Burg, Mirah, Diana Arens
    Studios: Mirah’s house, Dub Narcotic
    First pressing: 505 black, 8 test presses (2 additional pressings occurred with 500 records each)

    Notes: 1st press covers have full color photograph on jacket. Sleeve design by K. Mroczek and Amber Bell Printed on Combination Press using silkscreen and letterpress and file folders. A small number of covers for the first press did not include the photograph. Dreamboat and Lone Star were previously released on a now out of print cassette called Parts of Human Desire that Mirah released herself. All 3 pressings of this 7: are out of print. However, all the tracks were reissued on a compilation CD called The Old Days Feeling.

    Track Listing:
    A: Don’t Go/Dreamboat/Music
    B: Birthday Present/Lone Star