Modern Radio Presents Vol. 1 (7″)

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  • Artist: Various
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Runtime:
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  • Modern Radio Presents Vol. 1 (7″)

    Pressing: 1000 blue vinyl, 230 alternate covers for relese show, 8 test

    Notes: All songs are exclusive to this 7″. The Forty-Five was formerly Magnatone and later Magnatone .45

    AMP 176
    Title: Lost
    Recorded: Summer 1999
    Engineer: Mike Wisti
    Studio: Albatross

    The Hidden Chord
    Title: Valorie
    Recorded: Summer 1999
    Engineer: Dave Gardner
    Studio: Terrarium

    The Forty Five
    Title: Take Action
    Recorded: Fall 1999
    Engineer: Dan Boardman

    The Selby Tigers
    Title: Pomona
    Recorded: October 1999
    Engineer: Eric Olsen
    Studio: Burr Holland