Flyer Friday: We Wouldn’t Be Who We Are Today Without Ten Grand

Flyer Friday will be our weekly look at the visuals of the history of the label and our music community.

Ten G Flyer

Poster design and printed by Luke Tweedy. Thanks to Luke for snapping a photo of this masterpiece.

The history of any record label is indelibly linked to those bands who put out multiple records with them or those bands who reached great level of “success”.  Signal To Trust, The Plastic Constellations, STNNNG, The Vets, Daughters of the Sun, Vampire Hands and numerous others have a deep and long relationship with what we’ve done as a label.

We start out with a flyer that includes Signal to Trust but it’s really about a band that is near and dear to the Modern Radio family, Ten Grand. One day short of 11 years ago, they played an album release show in Iowa City that was is one of the best shows we’ve ever been to. Joel from Ten Grand wrote a beautiful piece about the final show as well end of the band that pretty much covers it. All of the videos and live recordings barely scratch the surface of the camaraderie and joy that was felt in Gabe’s that Spring Saturday evening.

You can find flyer after flyer after flyer after flyer after flyer after flyer at that show the musical connections between artists we worked with and this band of four awesome dudes from Iowa City but it goes even deeper than that. These four guys made a deep impact in many of our lives and continue to do so today. We miss Matt Davis dearly and urge you to check out to take in the history of a truly special group of people.