Introducing International Novelty Gamelan!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be helping International Novelty Gamelan with their new recording and first vinyl release.  We’ve always been fans of the group’s westernized interpretation of these ancient, traditional Indonesian instruments. If you’re not familiar with ING, they’re a group of musicians who explore new music using instruments of the Javanese gamelan orchestra. If you haven’t seen them perform before it’s understandable, they don’t tend to play out a ton, having to haul such large instruments around, but there’s a perfect opportunity for you to see them at the 10th Heliotrope Fest this weekend. To our knowledge, ING is one of the only groups to have performed at all 10 Heliotrope Fests. We’ll have more information about the upcoming ING record in the coming months, but for now do yourself a favor come out to Intermedia Arts this weekend for Heliotrope 10.