Begining as a duo, Greg Saunier and Rob Fisk started playing shows in the San Fransiso area. In 1996 Fisk and Saunier began looking for a singer and was introduced to Satomi Matsuzaki, a film student from Japan. They began playing as a trio shortly there after. Deerhoof has put together an extensive discography with a number of lineups, almost exclusively on the Kill Rock Stars label and now Polyvinyl. In 2004 the band reached the pinnacle of their careers when they released a split 7″ with Minneapolis band Sicbay on Modern Radio Record Label. The songs for the split were recorded when Chris Cohen was playing guitar for Deerhoof.

Chris Cohen – bass
Rob Fisk – guitar/bass
John Dieterich – guitar
Ed Rodriguez – guitar
Satomi Matsuzaki – vocals/bass
Greg Saunier – drums
Kelly Goode – keyboards

The Man, the King, the Girl CD (1997)
Holdypaws CD (1999)
Halfbird CD (2001)
Reveille on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2002)
Apple O on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2003)
split 7″ with Sicbay on Modern Radio/Sawtooth (2004)
Milkman on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2004)
Green Cosmos on Menlo Park (2005)
The Runners Four on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2005)
Friend Opportunity CD/LP on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2007)
Offend Maggie CD/LP on Kill Rock Stars/5RC (2008)
Deerhoof vs. Evil on Polyvinyl Records (2011)
Breakup Song on Polyvinyl RecordsĀ (2012)