Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack started playing shows in January of 1998. They formed out of the breakups of Saddest Girl Story and Slidecoaster. Throughtout the year they played locally and recorded at Wigged Out with Randy Duerr. Two songs from the recording were released as a 7″ by the band in Spring of 1999. During the next year, they played a bunch of local shows and toured around the Midwest. Late Summer of 2000, they released a CDEP co-released by Sound in Motion and Modern Radio for their Fall tour with AMP 176. After the fall tour, Austin left the band and was replaced by Matt. Later that Winter, Joel left the band as well. Roger from AMP 176 played a few local shows with them and Nate Kinsella played drums with them on their three week east/south tour in the Spring of 2001. After tour, they got Sidney Burdorf to play drums. Around the same time, Matt was replaced by original bassist Austin. Fall of 2001, they did a full U.S. tour. Motion City Soundtrack released a album on their own in the Summer of 2002 called I Am The Movie. They toured throughout the year across the entire United States several times over. In early 2003, Motion City Soundtrack signed with Epitaph records. They released several hugely successful records and toured the world over. In 2008 the band signed to Columbia Records.

Josh Cain – guitar / vocals
Justin Pierre – vocals / guitar
Jesse Johnson – moog (Winter 2001-Present)
Claudio Rivera – drums, percussion (2013–Present)
Matt Taylor – bass (Spring 2002-Present)

Tony Thaxton – drums (Winter 2001-2013)
Austin Lindstrom – bass (Winter 1998-Fall 2000, Spring 2001 – Spring 2002)
Sidney Burgdorf – drums (Winter 2000-Winter 2001)
Matt Potocnik – bass (Winter 2000-Spring 2001)
Joel Habedank – drums (Winter 1998-Winter 2000)
Andrew Whitney – drums, percussion (1997–1998)
Andrew Gruhn – Moog sythesizer (1998)
Joe Skinner – guitar (1997)

Promenade b/w Caroline 7″ – released by band, Summer 1999
Back to the Beat CDEP – co-release by Sound in Motion/Modern Radio
I am the Movie CD – self-released by band (Spring 2002) and remastered and re-released with extra songs in (June 2003) by Epitaph Records
Commit This to Memory – Epitaph Records (2005)
Even if It Kills Me – Epitaph Records (2007)
My Dinosaur Life – Capital Records (2009)
Go – Epitaph Records (2012)