Webstore Wednesday: Art-A-Whirl Edition

BlindShake_KeytoFalseDoor 049_chambermaidscover500 057_HollowBoyscover500 CloakOx_ShootDog





This week we feature records in our webstore from bands that will be playing this weekend at the various Art-A-Whirl Festival events. To name just a few, The Cloak OxBNLX and Black Diet will be playing the 331. The Blind Shake and Hollow Boys will be at Grumpy’s NE and The Chambermaids will be playing at Indeed Brewing Company. We’re big fans of all of these folks, so go check them out this weekend and pick up their records.

BlindShake_seriousness Chambermaids_WhateverHappenTom SouthsideDesireBlackDiet7 BNLX_Produit Collecté