ft(The Shadow Government) – The Black & White Album (CD)

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  • Artist: ft(The Shadow Government)
  • Release Date: 2007
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  • ft(The Shadow Government) – The Black & White Album (CD)

    This is the band’s second full-length album.The vinyl of The Black and White Album will be on Iowa City record label Scenester Credentials, who released the previous album Guns of August in 2006. FT (The Shadow Government) features Pete Biasi (also of Falcon Crest, Signal To Trust, Total Fucking Blood, Superhopper), Whitney Teska (Tornavalanche, Forstella Ford), Joel Anderson (Tornavalanche, Ten Grand), John Crawford and Luke Tweedy.

    1. more instruments
    2. the greatest generation doesn’t have to apologize for anything
    3. piles of money
    4. clitorious p.i.g. (female cop)
    5. forked tongue (steady groove)
    6. watch out for that bullet, guy
    7. dong is my autopilot
    8. bullshit shit
    9. doubt at the shevel
    10. wandering song
    11. drone song
    12. only so many limo seats (ft the abominable twitch)
    13. momo eat the tax man