Grotto – Get A Hustle (CD)

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  • Artist: Grotto
  • Release Date: 2000
  • Runtime:
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  • Grotto – Get A Hustle (CD)

    Recorded: June, August 1999
    Engineer: Mike Wisti
    Studio: Albatross
    Mastering: Doug Wild

    Notes: First full length record.

    Track Listing:
    Get A Hustle
    No Cure
    Side Projects
    Area Code 320
    98 Point 4 Degrees
    Creeps and Cheats
    Small Talk
    Breaking My Law
    It Burns
    Like Father Like Son

    Tom’s additional notes: Jonathan Warnberg of The Misfires / Signal To Trust hipped us to Grotto. At the time, they had only a self-released 7″ out which was ok. After seeing them live, it came together.