Killsadie / Brand New Unit (7″)

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  • Artist: Killsadie & Brand New Unit
  • Release Date: 1999
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  • Killsadie / Brand New Unit (7″)

    Recorded: May 1999 (KS), February 1999 (BNU)
    Engineer: Jake Snider, Tom Harpel (KS), Blair Calibaba (BNU)
    Studio: Seattle Sound (KS), Red Stripe (BNU)
    Artwork by: Bill Boulger
    Pressing: 41 purple vinyl, 1039 grey vinyl, 8 test

    Notes:The Cocktail Party Effect by Killsadie is a completely different version and recording than on their full length, Experiments in Expectation. Brand New Unit is the only band that Tom or Pete of Modern Radio have not seen live. They were friends with Killsadie. This record came out shortly after Killsadie moved to Seattle in 1999.

    Track Listing:
    Killsadie – The Cocktail Party Effect
    Brand New Unit – Left Behind