Sicbay and Deerhoof split (7″)

Album Info

  • Artist: Deerhoof & Sicbay
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Runtime:
  • Sicbay and Deerhoof split (7″)

    Engineers: Dave Gardner
    Studio: Terrarium
    Pressing: 1st pressing 600 black vinyl, 2nd pressing was 455 copies. 12 test presses

    Notes: This is a co-release with Sawtooth Records. Sawtooth is Nick from Sicbay’s label. The first 599 covers were hand screened and designed by Amy Jo Hendrickson in Minneapolis. Artwork was featured in a book on DIY 7″ artwork called Touchable Sound These songs appear only on this release. Vinyl has long been out of print.

    Deerhoof – Insist / United He-Ho Brothers
    Sicbay – The Rise of Phantom White