STNNNG – Dignified Sissy (CD)

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  • Artist: STNNNG
  • Release Date: 2005
  • Runtime:
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  • STNNNG – Dignified Sissy (CD)

    Recorded: July 10-12 2004
    Mixed: September 11-12 2004
    Engineers: Mike Lust
    Mastered: Dave Gardner at Magneto Mastering
    Studio: Phantom Manor

    Notes: Cover art, used with permission, from the original painting by Mort Kunstler. It is titled Bear Attack. Vinyl version of this album was released by the band. A red sticker with the title of the record and band name is on all shrink wrapped copies. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, 5 test presses. Full color insert and jacket with same artwork as CD. Vinyl and CD are out of print!

    Track Listing:
    A Topography of Boils
    My Golden Oldie
    Self-Harm Is The New Rock And Roll
    Continental Dog
    Explosive;More Intense
    New National Anthem
    George Washington
    Ready The Replicas
    People And Their Cell Phones
    I Still Have My Fastball
    I Am An Architect
    How To Avoid An Assassination
    Climbing Combines
    Tom Loftus