Styrofoam Duck – Emergency’s Only Friend (CD-R)

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  • Artist: Styrofoam Duck
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Runtime:
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  • Styrofoam Duck – Emergency’s Only Friend (CD-R)

    Recorded:From Summer 2005 to Winter 2006
    Mixed: March/April 2006 with Brooce Templeton
    Studio: Unknown
    Engineers: Ben Brockway
    Mastered: Bruce Templeton and Dave Gardner at Magneto Mastering

    Track Listing:
    Homeless Guy
    Minion / Opinion
    Sailing Down Cum River
    Afraid Of Heights
    Freedom Rocks
    Empty Space
    Crissaunt Parade
    Build Your Coffin


    Notes: Different color paper was used for the covers