The Plastic Constellations – Crusades (LP)

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  • Artist: The Plastic Constellations
  • Release Date: 2006
  • Runtime:
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  • The Plastic Constellations – Crusades (LP)

    Recorded:July 2005
    Mixed: July 2005
    Studio: The Hideaway (NE Minneapolis)
    Engineers: Joe Mabbot with assistance by Ian Campbell
    Mastered: Bruce Templeton and Dave Gardner at Magneto Mastering
    Vinyl Mastering (cutting laquers): Stan Ricker

    Track Listing:
    Phoenix in the Faultline
    Iron City Jungles
    Best Things
    Sancho Panza
    Belly of the Beast
    Men in Dark Times
    Ghost in the House
    Bring what you Bring

    Notes: The artwork on the vinyl is different than the CD