The Vets – Ad Infinitum (CD)

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  • Artist: The Vets
  • Release Date: 2004
  • Runtime:
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  • The Vets – Ad Infinitum (CD)

    Recorded: January 2004
    Engineers: Brooce Templeton with assistance from David Storberg
    Mastered: Brooce Templeton
    Studio: Analog Electric
    Pressing: 1st Press-500 CDs with handmade covers

    Notes: First press CD covers were screen printed by Scott Brown on a heavy black card stock paper with silver ink. The insert is glued onto the backside of the front cover and includes lyrics. The CD face design was laid out by Pete Mielech. All of the final packaging was put together by hand!

    Track Listing:
    Time Ghost
    Clara Phelps
    Raging Scathe
    The Great Indoors
    The Vets
    Imaginary Fortress