Another Heaven – You Are Loved

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  • Artist: Another Heaven
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Runtime:
  • Another Heaven – You Are Loved

    “You Are Loved” is the first release by Another Heaven since re-emerging from Hollow Boys, a seven-song EP that serves as a meditation on astral projection, failed political systems, self-belief, means of control, islamophobia, dead cultures, the non-sense of dreams, personal loss, sci-fi escapism, rural cancerlands, identity politics and home-made video games, among other topics – all told through a dense sonic language consisting of the aforementioned touchstones as well as strains of Space Rock, (a la Hum, Autolux, Duster, etc.) Re-purposed 90s Emo, (Best Witches, Toe, The Cabs) and endlessly droning ambient music (Amakudari, Feigenbaum & Scott). The resultant collage is an attempt to create a day-glo, hyper-melodic dreamscape fit for the current and future American wasteland.

    Track List:
    Dead Star/Dr. Mars
    Uboa’s Fourth Dream
    Capsule Song
    Ice Cream Skull

    “You Are Loved” was recorded over the course of a year in two entirely different sessions. “Starfall,” “Tourniquet,” “Uboa” and “Ice Cream” were recorded by Ali in August ’16 with Monica Coleslaw (Bass, Vox), Charles Hainsworth (Synth) and PJM (Drums). “Daylite,” “Dead Star,” “Dr. Mars,” “Capsule Song” and various auxiliary additions to the other songs were recorded in Winter/Spring 2017 by the band’s current lineup, Ali Jaafar (Guitar, Vox, Keys, Cello), Aaron Lemay (Drums, Vox), Jeremy Warden (Guitar, Vox) and Chris White (Bass, Vox). The Album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Ali at Ecstattic Studio. The second session was helmed by Engineer Cole Benson. Both sessions involved lots of listening to current and classic hip-hop, mostly The Fugees and Joey Badass.

    “You Are Loved” is released onĀ  10/27/17An on the Modern Radio Record Label (Digital/Distro) and Ecstattic Studio (Cassette Tapes).