Q: How do I order records from Modern Radio without using paypal or via mail?
A: You can use the online webstore to get total and then print off or write down your totals. Cash, check or money order. Please email us to let us know when you are sending out the order so we can let you know what we have in stock. We do not accept any international checks.

Q: What happens if I order something via mail that is not in print?
A: If you order something in the mail, please offer an alternate choice.

Q: I ordered something from your online store, how soon should I expect it to arrive?
A: We send out records within a week or so of receiving an order. Order are shipped via the US postal service via media mail which takes about 1-2 weeks in order for the package to reach its destination. If has been four weeks or more since you have ordered from us, then contact us.

Q: I ordered a record with a digital download from the Modern Radio store and did not receive it via email or with the record, what’s up with that?
A: We send out digital downloads via email after we receive direct orders. The email has a link to download an album digitally. These emails sometimes end up in spam filters so be on the look out for them. The email subject title will look like this: *Subject: Download Code: [title of album] * The email will come from an email address audiocodes@chicago-independent.com If you still can’t find the email, let us know.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about my order?
A: First read the FAQ, if your question is not answered, email tom@modern-radio.com

Demo Policy:

Q: How do you go about releasing albums on the label?
A: Modern Radio has chosen to work with artists we feel share a similar philosophy towards music. We have never released an album based on an unsolicited demo and have rarely released a record by a band we haven’t seen live a number of times.

Q: Can I send you MP3s via email?
A: No

Q: How should I send you music?
A: The best things to send are links to songs we can listen to online as well as a list of upcoming shows. This is especially important if you are playing shows in the Twin Cities area.

Q: If I send a demo to the P.O. Box, will you listen to it?
A: We have recently discontinued our PO Box after over 15 years. Please do not sent us anything to that address anymore. 

Digital Downloads:

Q: My digital download code is not working, what do I do?
A: Contact us via email at tom@modern-radio.com

Distribution / Stores:

Q: I run a record store and/or am a distributor of music, how do I carry Modern Radio titles?
A: We will deal direct with stores and distributors large and small direct. Contact us directly or you can use the following distributors in the United States to get some of our titles:

The Business
Carrot Top
You can find links to all of these distributors on our “links” page in the “friends” section

Q: What record stores can I find Modern radio titles?
A: We listed a number of record stores in Minnesota and outside of Minnesota that carry our records on the links page. If you don’t see it in your local store, talk to the fine people at your hometown record store about ordering it through the distributors we use. Support your local record store!


Q: Can I use music from a release on Modern Radio in my TV show/commercial/film?
A: Send us information about the project. Ghost Town currently handles licensing of our music and you can contact them at their website ghost-town.com.

Q: I want to use a song by a Modern Radio artist in my podcast or small independent film, how would I go about doing this?
A: Email us with information about your podcast and a link to your previous work.

Q: Are you hiring or do you need interns?
A: Modern Radio does not currently have a paid staff. We are always interested in help via interns if you are interested and have a specific project/idea you want to help with.

Q: I work at a blog, zine, weekly paper, journal, radio station (online and terrestrial), how do I receive a promo copy of an album?
A: Contact us via email at the addresses above. We prefer to send digital copies of albums, especially when it comes to vinyl only releases, so let us know if that will not work.