Dope Walker – Save Save (LP)

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  • Artist: Dope Walker
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Runtime:
  • Dope Walker – Save Save (LP)

    First Dope Walker album. Featuring William Elliot Whitmore, Joel Anderson (Ten Grand/Vida Blue/ FT(The Shadow Government/Tornavalanche), Jeff Allen (The Plastic Constellations / Tyte Jeff), Aaron Mader (Doomtree Records / Lazerbeak / The Plastic Constellations) and Mike Schulte (Brian Jones/The Pork Tornadoes) A project by friends who have played together and stayed close for over 20 years.

    Order Now! Released July 17, 2020

    Side A
    Strep City
    Highway Gambler
    Not the End
    Way Out

    Side B
    These Freaks
    I Just Love Getting Older
    Guest Room Bed
    Made to Disappear