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MRRL-073 Signal To Trust – Albatross Sessions (April 2021 – Cassette & Digital)
MRRL-072 Tornavalanche – They Can’t All Be Hits (2020 Digital Only Remaster)
MRRL-071 Dope Walker – Save Save (LP)
MRRL-070 Justin Courtney Pierre – My Girl Margot / Everything That Hurts (7″)
 STNNNG – Veterans of Pleasure (LP)
MRRL-068 Another Heaven – You Are Loved (Digital EP. Cassette by Ecstattic Studio)
MRRL-067 Sheridan Fox – Patagonia (Digital LP)
MRRL-066 Sicbay – The Firelit S’Coughs (LP)
MRRL-065 Fury Things – VHS (LP)
 Oaks – Animal Life (LP)
Hollow Boys – Violent Ascension (Digital EP)
B.O.Y.F. – s/t (Digital LP)
MRRL-061 Smart Alex – Chitter Chat/Tonight (45)
MRRL-060 International Novelty Gamelan – Metalophonia (10″)
 Hollow Boys – Believe In Nothing (LP)
MRRL-058 STNNNGVRNMNT – Remarkable Citizen (12″ EP)
MRRL-057 Hollow Boys – It’s True (LP)
MRRL-056 STNNNG – Empire Inward (LP)
MRRL-055 STNNNG Playbutton – Dignified Sissy and Fake Fake
MRRL-054 Jim and the French Vanilla – II
MRRL-053 SIMS – Bad Time Zoo (2x LP)
MRRL-052 Daughters of the Sun – Visions of the Ocean Head (LP reissue)
MRRL-051 Vampire Hands & Daughters of the Sun – Skull Judge (split 12″)
MRRL-050 STNNNG – The Smoke of My Will (LP)
MRRL-049 The Chambermaids – Down in the Berries (12″ EP)
MRRL-048 Daughters of the Sun – Rings (LP)
MRRL-047 Vampire Hands – Me & You Cherry Red / Cuz It’s A Beach Funeral (CD)
MRRL-046 His Mischief – The Perfect Lover (CD)
MRRL-045 The Danforths – Amphibian (CD)
MRRL-044 Tornavalanche – Get Rich or Cry Trying (12″ EP)
MRRL-043 Church of Gravitron – The Divorce Tape (CD-R)
MRRL-042 Yellow Swans – Deterioration (CD)
MRRL-041 Jim and the French Vanilla – Roll Out the Candy (CD-R)
MRRL-040 Vampire Hands – Me & You Cherry Red (LP)
MRRL-039 STNNNG / Signal To Trust split (“7)
MRRL-038 ft(The Shadow Government) – The Black & White Album (CD)
MRRL-037 His Mischief – Summer’s Eve (CDEP)
MRRL-036 Bottom Jobs – 2006 a thursday (CDEP)
MRRL-035 STNNNG – Fake Fake (CD/LP)
MRRL-034 Yellow Swans / Devillock split (“7)
MRRL-033 Signal To Trust – Golden Armour (CD & Double LP)
MRRL-032 Shotgun Monday – Read Compare Adjust (CD)
MRRL-031 Mirah – The Old Days Feeling (CD)
MRRL-030 Adam Bubolz – I Like The Lights (Photo Book)
MRRL-029 Styrofoam Duck – Emergency’s Only Friend (CD-R)
MRRL-028 The Plastic Constellations – Crusades (LP)
MRRL-027 The Danforths – Lookout For The Wolves (CD)
MRRL-026 Malachi Constant – Pride (CD)
MRRL-025 Cave Deaths – Glacier On Fire (CD)
MRRL-024 Tight Phantomz / Tornavalanche split (7″)
MRRL-023 The Chambermaids – s/t (CD)
MRRL-022 Model Down – Voicing The Circuit (CDEP)
MRRL-021 STNNNG – Dignified Sissy (CD)
MRRL-020 The Vets – Ad Infinitum (CD)
MRRL-019 Various – Keep The Fuzz Off My Buzz (LP)
MRRL-018 Sicbay and Deerhoof split (7″)
MRRL-017.5 Freeze Baby – s/t (7″)
MRRL-017 Signal To Trust – s/t (7″)
MRRL-016 Signal To Trust – Folklore (CD, LP)
MRRL-015 The Gravity Index – s/t (CDEP)
MRRL-014 The Vets – s/t (CD)
MRRL-013 Mirah – Small Sale (7″) out-of-print
MRRL-012.5 Betty Gone Bad / American Monsters (7″)
MRRL-012 Volante – 45° North (LP w/CD)
MRRL-011 Gene Defcon – Baby Hallelujah! (7″)
MRRL-010.5 Motion City Soundtrack – Back to the Beat (CDEP)
MRRL-009 AMP 176 – Repo’d (CD)
MRRL-008 The Plastic Constellations – Let’s War (CD)
MRRL-006 The Ending Again (7″)
MRRL-005 Modern Radio Presents Vol. 1 (7″)
MRRL-004 Grotto – Get A Hustle (CD)
MRRL-003 Killsadie / Brand New Unit (7″)
MRRL-002 The Hidden Chord – I’ve Blown It Again (7″)
MRRL-001 The Misfires – Dead End Expressway (CD, LP)